Our League provides programming for kids of all skills.

Our League provides programming for kids of all skills.

The WCSC® Soccer League is geared towards providing a fun, competitive soccer environment for kids. All kids are welcome and CSL strives to make it a positive experience for the players and their families.  Leagues for the WCSC® Soccer League are based on ages.

Winning is not the #1 goal of the Program and there are no playoffs at the end of the season. Coaches (and parents) are encouraged to teach good sportsmanship, self-reliance, and teamwork. The emphasis should not be on winning, but on team participation and self-improvement in skills, coordination, and strategy. WCSC® Soccer League priority is about having fun first while teaching the skills to improve at the game of soccer.

The goal of every youth soccer coach should be to provide every player with opportunities to reach his maximum potential in the game of soccer. Coaches must balance fun and discipline according to the ages and ability levels of their players. Coaches should evaluate players’ strengths and weaknesses in such areas as size, speed, physical strength, endurance, coordination, ball control, and tactical abilities-the ability to read and understand the game of soccer.

The league places the game of soccer ahead of any desire to win in the WCSC. Coaches are expected to control their players and their sideline during games. Abusive or disrespectful behavior is not tolerated. Continual disregard of these philosophies can result in disciplinary action by the League that may include the suspension or expulsion of either the coach or the player. Family members and fans are also expected to act with respect and good sportsmanship while at games and practices.

WSCS® provides a healthy activity through its recreational and small sided games programs. These programs emphasize FUN, and de-emphasize winning at all costs. Every child is guaranteed playing time and the game is taught in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

For the player with advanced skills and greater ambition, highly competitive leagues are offered. This player might have his or her sights set on a college soccer scholarship or playing for the U. S. Olympic or National teams.

“Football is the ballet of the masses.”
― Dmitri Shostakovich

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