Come see how the game of futsal can be so beneficial to your skill developmental. You will be amazed on how well your touch on the ball improves.


Discover, live and enjoy the West Coast Soccer Camp programs! Be part of the West Coast Soccer Camp family and train like your idols!


Check out WCSC's® leagues for standings, schedule, and other information. Availability for our Summer, Spring and Winter futsal/soccer leagues are VERY limited, secure spot now!

Welcome to West Coast Socer Camps

We believe at West Coast Soccer Camp® that for players to reach their full potential, have the most fun and get the most out of the game our kids need to be trained in all aspects, with the foundation being the fundamentals. We believe that Futsal training-which is known around the world for its value in developing technical proficiency with the ball-is the best way to teach kids to master the game of soccer out on the field. Among other things, the absence of boards, the tight space, and the sheer number of touches each player gets on the ball, (whether attacker, defender, or keeper) forces each player to develop ball mastery. FUTSAL IS THE BEST way to foster the coordination, ball handling and foot skills needed to master the game.

Our talented and experienced pro and semi-pro coaching staff are available in all seasons. The staff will continue to provide a premier environment for the players who are just beginning to learn this great game or are preparing to play at the premier, varsity or collegiate level.


“…experience playing in the futsal league has been terrific! The game itself is fast paced and has challenged my players decision making. Because it is 5v5, all the players are constantly involved. In fact because of their high involvement I often have to be careful substituting. It has been a real pleasure watching the players grow playing this game and the parents have also really enjoyed it so much that they have been asking about playing in another session. They have always said “the game” is the best teacher. Futsal is the epitome of this statement.

- David D.

“A fantastic program that develops amazing futsal/soccer skills and a love for the sport! Anyone wanting to improve their foot skills and game speed will benefit from Futsal.”

- Sean M.

“When you come to play normal soccer, it’s easier if you’ve come from Futsal.”

- Ronalddinho, FIFA Footballer of the year 2004, 2005